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    Industrial / Manufacturing

    We have the flexibility and resources to provide manufacturing facility services throughout the country – according to your schedule, without ever inconveniencing your staff or interrupting production. Your property – and your image – will benefit from Delight IFM’s expertise with industrial maintenance. Industrial facilities from all types of industries look to us for expert services, including:

    • Manufacturing plants
    • Distribution centers
    • Transportation terminals
    • International mail sort facilities
    • Aerospace
    • Printing and publishing
    • Paper manufacturers/Pulp mills
    • Automotive
    • Oil and gas production – Refineries
    • Defense
    • Food processing
    • Logistics
    • Petrochemical
    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Power generation and transmission centers


    From parking lots to boardrooms, Delight IFM keeps your property looking great and running smoothly. Our services can accommodate a complete spectrum of business offices, from small office buildings to corporate campuses, office parks and other high-traffic facilities.



    From warehouses to headquarters, Delight IFM keeps your property – and your reputation – impeccable through commercial facility services. We’ve been providing the same corporate cleaning solutions for other commercial real estate entities such as property management companies, and building owners just like you. Our corporate maintenance and corporate cleaning services accommodate a complete spectrum of commercial properties, from Class A office buildings and corporate office parks to warehouses, industrial properties and other high-traffic facilities.



    From efficient parking and shuttles to clean terminals, aircraft and bus seats — and everything in between — your facility and passenger services will operate their best with Delight IFM’s airport cleaning services. Whether aviation or ground transportation, facility support services with ABM brings you the latest trends and technology which provides you with.


    Banking & financial services

    Our professional workforce, proven maintenance processes and leading-edge technology enable us to maximize your facility service. We offer both contract and on-demand services with the flexibility accommodate your schedule — without disrupting your team or visitors. From small banks or branches in rural areas to urban banking centers and Home Office complexes, sites similar to yours have experienced Delight IFM’s long-standing service heritage. Let us expertly take care of your property — and your image. Because a bank’s brand is one of its most important assets, all branches need to support the brand. Outsourcing to one provider helps keep that image consistent. As a national facilities maintenance company, we provide consistency while saving you time and money on administrative tasks, because we can service all branches under a single contract.


    Food courts & Bakery

    We offer a qualified, professional workforce combined with proven maintenance processes and leading-edge technology. We make it easy for you to have a top-notch plant, because we’re a national company that offers you a single source for food manufacturing and food facility services, including:


    Plant Sanitation

    • Heavy Machinery
    • Floor Scrubbing
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Tray Washing
    • Heavy Machinery


    • Floor Scrubbing
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Tray Washing

    Sports & Entertainment

    Through experienced and professional sports facility management and other public venue expertise, Delight IFM keeps your property – and your reputation – impeccable. We’ve been providing convention center maintenance and arena and stadium services at venues across the country including:

    • Amphitheaters
    • Convention Centers
    • Stadiums
    • Arenas
    • University Sports Complexes
    • Exhibit Halls
    • Conference Centers
    • Theatres
    • Auditoriums
    • Casinos
    • Outdoor Sports Venues




    We apply our well-known attention to detail in serving residential customers, just as we have in commercial markets for years. Delight IFM provides expert cleaning, landscaping, maintenance and pest control services to multiple- dwelling environments, such as:

    • Apartments
    • Condominiums
    • Gated Communities


    Albasem FM has provided expert facilities services for federal, state, and local government entities for many years. We can accommodate a complete spectrum of operational needs, and our service offerings are compliant with OSHAD, EPA and MSDS regulatory requirements.

    You’ll find that we offer a highly qualified workforce combined with proven maintenance processes and leading-edge technology. We have years of experience serving thousands of facilities and you can rest assured that we understand your needs. Albasem FM has the flexibility and resources to work according to your schedule — without inconveniencing your staff or visitors.


    From the parking lot to the classroom and beyond, Delight IFM offers college and university maintenance services that give your campus community an A+. Across the country, our custodians and other service workers have been providing custodial services, campus energy management, security, and general maintenance for institutions just like yours. Our services can accommodate a complete spectrum of educational facilities, from the student center at small, private schools to the dorms and educational buildings at large, public universities. Delight IFM offers university maintenance services to many types of higher education institutions, including:

    • State Universities and Colleges
    • Private Universities
    • Community Colleges
    • Junior Colleges
    • Trade Schools and Institutes of Technology
    • Independent Schools, including private and boarding


    Health care

    For healthier surroundings, the Delight IFM uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, high efficiency equipment and new technology for hospital environmental services, such as:

    • Vapor machines to clean and sanitize
    • Microfiber cleaning tools
    • Chemical-free automatic scrubbing machines

    Chemical use and storage is a key focus within our healthcare cleaning, and we prove it by:

    • Using Green Seal certified chemicals
    • Diluting concentrated chemicals on-site whenever possible
    • Consolidating the storage and dilution activities to as few areas of the facility as possible
    • Storing chemicals in a single locked room or area with direct-to-outside exhaust ventilation
    • Ensuring that only properly trained employees have access to the above areas


    High tech

    A we have experience servicing the high-tech manufacturing industry’s diverse facilities across the country; you can rest assured that we understand your specific needs. Our high-tech lab cleaning and facility services professionals are trained to handle your fragile equipment with the utmost care, and we pay special attention to the cleanliness of your research and product development labs, along with your clean rooms. Albasem FM’s flexibility and resources help us provide expert service according to your schedule, without ever inconveniencing your staff.

    Albasem FM’s operational programs for our technology industry customers focus on your objectives and needs. Our high-tech lab cleaning programs involve system related processes, and are directed towards solutions rather than quick fixes. We design our programs to solicit input from employees, both yours and ours, at all levels of the process. We have numerous customized programs and services available for the high-tech manufacturing industry, including:

    • Proper clean room protocol and service
    • Certification cleaning
    • Equipment washing
    • Gown rooms
    • Contamination Control




    Today, retail maintenance services are especially important to give your customers a pleasant shopping experience so that they’ll come back for more. Though they don’t see the backend of retail cleaning, shoppers expect your store or mall to have shining floors, spotless restrooms, well-kept fitting rooms, comfortable temperatures and more. Delight IFM can help you meet your customer’s expectations. Along with our housekeeping expertise, we can provide our retail customers with security, parking, engineering and landscaping services – and we make it easy on you by bundling services under one contract.